Technologist Diploma


The aim of the Technologist Diploma Course is to achieve competences in the technology of integrated geoinformation production (data acquisition, information extraction, information presentation, databases and spatial information systems). Upon completion of the course, participants should be able to implement and supervise geoinfor mation production systems and quality control systems in:

   » the use of appropriate integrated geoinformation production technology for a selected application;
   » the identification of appropriate data sources and evaluate products/services performances;
   » the evaluation of data sources, production systems and products/services performances;
   » the implementation of quality assurance/control systems, etc.

Target Group

The Technologist Diploma Programme (GPM.4) is intended for Technologist and those who will be involved in the use of integrated geoinformation production systems in:

   » national survey and mapping organisations.
   » application-oriented organisations (e.g. cadastre, local authorities, utilities companies, natural resources surveys, environment, etc.);
   » private geoinformation production organisations, etc.

Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission to the Technologist Diploma (GPM.4) course, applicants should have a minimum of:
   » GCE A/L with Credits in 2 cognate subjects including Mathematics, or the NANTEB Advanced National Technical Certificate (ANTC) and general entry qualification into the Technician Diploma or Upper Credit Technician Diploma in Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, GIS, Cartography, Surveying or any of the Environmental or Earth Sciences and general entry requirements into the Technician.
   » Atleast (2) years post qualification work experience

Commencement And Duration

The Technologist Diploma Course commences on 1st October each year with a duration of 18 months. The deadline of submission of application form is 30th May.

Award of Diploma

At the end of the course, successful participants will be awarded The Technologist Diploma in Geo-information Production and Management (indicating the area of specialisation).

Course Structure

The Technologist Diploma Course is organised in twenty-four (24) modules. The modules are structured in learning activities in Geoinformation technology with each module oriented to wards problem-solving. The specialisatio n is based on the student’s area of research project, which is the execution of the final project.

GPM 4: Technologist Diploma in Geoinformation Production and Management
Course Codes Course Title
1st Semester
1 Basic Mathematics
2 Statistics and Theory of Observations
3 Fundamentals of Computer Systems
4 Computer Programming & Information Technology
5 Database Systems
6 Spatial Data Acquisition Techniques
7 Image Processing and Interpretation
8 Georeferencing and DTM Generation
9 Digital Mapping
10 Cartographic Visualisation
11 Fundamentals of GIS
12 Photogrammetric Techniques 1

2nd Semester
13 Photogrammetric Techniques 2
14 Remote Sensing Techniques
15 Map Up-dating from images
16 GIS Functionalities
17 GIS Applications and Case Studies
18 Cartographic Design, Presentation and Web Cartography
19 Topographic and Thematic Information Visualisation & Interpretation
20 Elements of Project Management and introduction to Spatial Data Infrastructure
21 Individual Project and Study Visit
22 Final Project